Midweek Refreshing


Every Tuesday by Teleconference at 7:00 p.m.

Join us from the comfort of your home to study God's Word together.


We cover a broad variety of topics throughout these books such as prayer, wisdom, prophecy, the love of God, as well as the basic Steps to Christ, and what it means to us getting back to our roots as Christians.


If you don't already have one, we will supply you with the Devotional book we are currently studying out of.

Have your Bibles ready!


You can join in our conference call line via telephone at: 1-(425)-436-6303 Access Code: 372147#


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The password is whchurch.



Intercessory Prayer


Every Thursday  at 7:00pm

Join us from the comfort of your home as we share prayer requests and other special concerns.

Everything discussed will be kept confidential amongst all in attendance.

"He who goes about as a gossip reveals secrets, But he who is trustworthy and faithful keeps a matter hidden." Proverbs 11:13 Amplified Bible


Dial in via telephone at: 1-(425)-436-6303 Access Code: 372147#

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The password is whchurch.